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The Dynamics are not just a reggae cover band, reinventing classics, they ‘re breaking beyond the musical genres boundaries with their very own ,  joyful and powerful blend of voices, live instruments and dub effects.

All started out around year 2004 as a friend story, coming from United Kingdom, Cameroun, United States, and France, playing groovy covers in their own soulful reggae dub style, nicing up private parties and small clubs & venues, with a simple sound system, live dub fx and three soulful singers, three different personalities and vocals styles, matching together in a totally unique way.

Sold very successfully worldwide, first single 45 was followed by many others, then albums, all rapidly spread amongst the DJ’s and reggae dub soul funk heads. and any kind of audiences. From this time on, The Dynamics played on many stages around the world from small clubs to huge festivals like Glastonbury, Popkomm, Sudoeste…

They evolved into to what their line up is today : a sound system with live drum, bass, guitar, they always truly are a fantastic, powerful, generous, magical one-of-a-kind live experience, with a set of big hits covers and original material as well.

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